Author: Corey Boldt

When you’ve lived in a home for any period of time, it’s inevitable that you acquire a lot of items. We all have closets, cupboard, drawers, and maybe even entire rooms, that have become dumping grounds for unused items.

The thought of decluttering a house might seem overwhelming and send you into a state of paralysis and inaction. You’re not alone. Here are some simple ways that you can get started decluttering your home so it’s buyer-ready. The trick is to tackle things in small doses on a regular cadence.

Pro Tips:

  • Make a list of places/rooms in your home that need to be decluttered. Start with the easiest area. Declutter that single space and then stop. Continue through your list of areas until you’ve crossed them all of the list, focusing on a single space per day or per week.
  • Create a decluttering calendar and stick to it. Find a cadence for decluttering that realistic based on your schedule. Choose days of the week and times that are convenient for you and your family, and mark them on a calendar as a “to-do” for that day. Commit to completing the decluttering task for the day, and take pleasure in crossing if off your chore list. Creating a calendar and creating tasks for set days will help you to see that you’re in control of the process and making progress. It’s a great way to ensure it gets done and to experience a sense of accomplishment.
  • Fill one garbage bag full of “giveaway” or “throwaway” items. As you work through each area on your list of places to declutter, start by browsing the room and tossing things into a bag for Goodwill or garbage. Remember, when you’re done with one space, stop.
  • Try the 12-12-12 Challenge. Go through your house each day or each week, and find 12 items to toss, 12 items to donate and 12 items to be put back in the correct spot. By the end of the exercise, you will have decluttered 36 items in your home. If you ask your family members to do the same with their personal spaces, you can declutter your home in record time.
  • Don’t buy new items during your decluttering phase. The purpose of decluttering is to simplify spaces in your home. If you purchase new items during this phase of getting your house ready to sell, you’re adding to your workload and complicating the process. Allow yourself to realize the vision you set out to achieve for each area of home. This will also help you better recognize the new items you might really need to stage your home properly versus those that are unnecessary.

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About the author

Corey Boldt is the owner and heart of the Double Boldt Real Estate team. As a lifelong resident of Wauwatosa, Corey couldn’t imagine raising her family in any other community, and nothing feels more at home to her than working with the people directly in and surrounding this area. With 15 years of experience in sales management and 5 years of experience in residential real estate, Corey has the business background needed for negotiating contracts and the realty expertise wanted to find your dream home. Corey works with you through every step of the process—buying, selling, staging—to deliver consistent results and help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a home.