Renewal. Clean Living. Downsizing. Minimalism. The trend of trimming down our lives can be a daunting task. What about my sixth-grade yearbook? That hideous candle I got from my second cousin (but it’s soy wax!)? Those jeans that fit for a few weeks in May, about 4 years ago? When our walls are covered with too many self-portraits and our shelves begin to buckle under the weight of countless knick-knacks, our homes can begin to feel smaller than they are, leaving less room for the things we truly love. (For example: where am I supposed to sit on a couch that is already host to 17 throw pillows?) Then there are the more difficult things to part with: old photographs, baby shoes, family heirlooms, things we used to love that have fallen into disrepair.

The trend of extreme minimalism isn’t for everyone; yes, most of us want, even need, more than a single pair of shoes. We like our belongings and feel at home surrounded by the things we’ve worked hard to find, collect, and arrange. While some of us find peace and serenity in simplifying, others of us enjoy the familiar embrace of our furnishings. Perhaps it’s time we stop listening to what everyone else says about happiness and, instead, find our own version of joy.

In a short series that aired on Netflix last year, organizational guru Marie Kondo asked her clients a simple question when they were struggling with letting go of certain sentimental possessions: Does it bring you joy? If a certain something brings her clients joy, even if it serves no other purpose, Kondo finds a way to organize it into their newly-tidy life. When sorting through all of the objects that make up our lives, many of us find we are surprised by the answer we intuit when we ask ourselves, does it bring me joy?

In 2020, let’s surround ourselves with things that bring us joy. Looking to downsize? Or perhaps you need more room? What if you just need a space that’s simply more “you?” No one knows the Milwaukee market better than Double Boldt Real Estate. We’re experts at helping our clients buy and sell homes, always in search of the perfect fit for living earnest, joyful lives. Call us today to discuss the life you want to live in 2020 and beyond: (414) 807-6812.