At Double Boldt Real Estate, Community Love is our focus and today, especially, the well-being of our neighbors, friends and family is our priority. It’s moments like these, amidst the upheaval and uncertainty of COVID-19, that our love for our communities truly proves its strength. Please take care of one another as we figure this out together. Much gratitude goes out to our educators, health staff, city, grocery store staff, delivery people, government officials, and our dear neighbors as we weather this storm—together.

In anticipation of quarantines, home schooling, and other unknowns, our homes are, more than ever, our places of solace. Below are some ideas for safe, at-home activities that will keep us all connected.

  • At-Home Watch Parties or Book Clubs: Agree on a movie or book with your friends or family, then discuss over the phone or email! Talk about why Casablanca and Citizen Kane are considered masterpieces! Ever wanted to read a series, or selected works from a single author? Now’s the time— Project Gutenberg is an incredible resource and many libraries and museums are offering free online resources and tours!
  • Cook Together: Think of recipes that you might not otherwise make because they’re too time-or labor-intensive. Try something new! Or, if you’re running low on variety or the exact ingredient you need, try making something from what you have in the pantry. Just google the different ingredients you have on hand—more often than not, someone’s made something out of what you have on hand and you can tweak the recipe as you go. Anything you can make together will automatically be fun and delicious. Of course, practice increased sanitation and beware of cross-contamination! I always make soup when I’m home for a while with my family; everyone can have something separate to prepare, it takes a long time, it’s heated to a safe temperature—and it’s just plain delicious!
  • Art Projects: So much can be done with extra stuff we have laying around the house. Think about dyeing that t-shirt with a grass stain green—no one will ever know! Or turning old, tarnished vases into something fun and new; even if your craft doesn’t turn out like you wanted, you’ll have fun doing it! Once, I covered a vase with masking tape and rubbed show polish over it (what I saw on Pinterest was so pretty!). It was a mess and looked horrible, but we had such a great time!
  • Home & Organizational Projects: Can you think of a better time to get some serious spring cleaning done? Not only is doing so especially wise at this time, it’s also so satisfying! Let’s make the best of a less-than-ideal situation by clearing our houses of excess, and get ready for spring. There are hundreds of inventive, creative, and downright cute ideas for organization on Pinterest and Instagram—just browsing through them is inspiring! Also, if you’re looking for unique and effective ways to sanitize your house but are maybe running low on supplies, this article catalogues a bunch of homemade, inexpensive, and accessible recipes for effective cleaning products. Clean together, have fun, and breathe deeply when you’re finished, knowing you’ve made your home a little safer.

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