With the beginning of a new year, we are taking a moment to look back before we move forward: when one door closes, another opens. Behind this door is a brand new start, boasting fresh beginnings and opportunities. Bring on 2022!

Last year, our Double Boldt team worked tirelessly with both compassion and heart, to serve our communities during an unpredictable year in the world and the real estate market. We are incredibly grateful for our hard-working team that supported one another and reinvigorated our company with the new opportunities already pouring over into the new year. Thank you team!

We understand how the home buying and selling process can be an emotional and often difficult experience. Whether you are excited or reluctant in your process, our team is understanding and empathetic to the range of emotions that are felt. While we’re here to make your home transaction experience as easy as possible. We’re also here to lend a supportive shoulder to lean and rely on during the process.

While the winters in Wisconsin may be brutally cold at times, our favorite part of the cold weather means more time spent enjoying your home. There is nothing quite like curling up in a toasty warm home on a bitterly cold day, passing the time by reading a book, binging a TV show, watching the snowfall, and enjoying the aroma from a favorite recipe warming in the crockpot. More time spent at home means more time spent with family and friends making memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s allow ourselves to learn from the past year as we look forward to the future ahead. May the new year fill your home with optimism, warmth, full hearts, kindness, good health, and contagious laughter.

From our home to yours, we recognize that this is a special time to reflect, and love, and give. We appreciate all of our support, friendships, and extended family we meet through our work. We are sending love to those who are in pain, and to those who have lost loved ones in the year.


Your Friends at Double Boldt Real Estate