Isn’t it ironic how doing laundry stinks… but it makes your clothes, not stink?

While laundry seems to be a never-ending chore in any household, we have the secret to taking your laundry to the next level. Our secret laundry weapon is any product from The Laundress.

The Laundress is an eco-friendly, high-efficiency laundry detergent with one-of-a-kind scents that will have your friends and family wondering how you make your laundry and linens smell and feel so luxurious!

Not only will your laundry smell fantastic, but your clothing and fabrics will be far better cared for with The Laundress than with traditional laundry detergents. The Laundress states that “90% of items labeled dry clean only, are actually washable”! So you can quickly and easily save yourself time – and money – by making the laundry detergent switch today.

The Laundress even goes the extra mile and takes the guesswork out of laundry, cleaning, and stain removal. Simply visit the company’s website for stain removal tips, appliance cleaning steps, room cleaning breakdowns, specific fabric/garment care instructions, pre-treatment secrets, wrinkle hacks, starch 101, and a library of more step-by-step care instructions.

The Laundress doesn’t stop at laundry detergent. The product line includes gentle baby detergents, travel size products, spot treatments, home cleaning solutions, a variety of unique home fragrances, and more!

At Double Boldt Real Estate, we care about giving our clients the tools needed to live in a happy home – The Laundress is an easy switch that will make doing your laundry a breeze and will leave your fabrics feeling sophisticated!