I was born and raised in Wauwatosa and so was my husband. My mother was an educator and my father was a real estate attorney; they raised me and my three sisters in Wauwatosa. My father, especially, has influenced my work as I strive to bring business acumen to our local residential market. Now, I’ve planted my roots here, as well. It’s a unique and touching privilege to be able to walk down the streets of my childhood, holding the hands of my own kids. Nearly every day I am filled with some sort of nostalgia alongside deep gratitude for my family, our history, and the prospect of our future.

Wisconsin is my life’s stage; every phase, big and small, has led me back home. As someone who harbors overwhelming love and passion for Wisconsin and our communities, I feel honored that my clients come to me searching for a home that will embody the lives they want to live. Seeing the faces of new homeowners light up with joy, watching sellers as they hand off their house keys to a young and growing family, witnessing delight spread among people like a chain reaction—there are few jobs where one has the opportunity to watch positivity multiply and grow.

Here at Double Boldt Real Estate, we feel very strongly about our neighborhoods, our roots, and our own searches for joy and belonging; our clients know we feel just as strongly about their journeys. Our communities, our homes, our happiness: these things culminate in truly remarkable and memorable lives; we consider it a privilege to combine all three in working for our valued clients.