Basements are the perfect place in a home to store just about anything: Seasonal clothes, sporting equipment, old family heirlooms, Christmas decorations, and much more. However, the ONE thing your basement shouldn’t be storing is moisture!

Excess moisture can leave any room smelling stale, musty, unpleasant, and can even damage valuable and irreplaceable possessions in the process.

Our secret weapon to give moisture the boot from our Wisconsin basements is DampRid – a convenient, all-natural way to absorb excess moisture in the air. For an unbelievably affordable price, DampRid eliminates excess moisture to assist in controlling the humidity level in any room.

On the market for over 70 years, DampRid’s crystals are non-toxic, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and all-natural! Simply place the DampRid anywhere that excess moisture may reside and expose the DampRid crystals to the air. Once set, let the crystals do all of the work and absorb the excess moisture. Since no electricity is needed, DampRid can be used absolutely anywhere, including basements, boats, RVs, bathrooms, cars, cabins, laundry rooms, and anywhere else that is exposed to moisture.

At Double Boldt Real Estate, we trust DampRid to remove any unwanted moisture from our client’s listings and properties. You and your family deserve the air around you to be fresh, so give our secret moisture fighting weapon a try today – it’s time to give moisture the eviction from your home!