Everyone knows that staging your house can make a huge difference. That doesn’t just mean shoving clutter into closets, though — potential buyers are going to be peering into closets for size and storage potential. Here’s a look at a few classic closet challenges, and how you can avoid them.

  1. Your closets are overflowing with clothes.

A closet that’s crammed indicates to buyers that it’s too small! Aim to take at least half of your clothing out, then place the clothing that will be on display neatly on hangers and space them out. (Rotating your clothes seasonally is another way to keep your closet looking great, if you can neatly stow the other seasons’ pieces out of sight.) This is also a great time to consider your wardrobe and decide how much you actually want to keep! If you don’t wear it or, say, haven’t worn it in years, consider donating it.

  1. It’s hard to tell what’s in there.

Do you have any shelving or drawers in your closet beyond the standard hanging rod and shelf? Many people aren’t making the most of the space they have in their closet. A shoe organizer (hanging or built-in) can also serve as a storage spot for bulky sweaters: Just roll them up and tuck them in. Linen closets can benefit from coordinating baskets, like wicker, to make everything seem more intentional and organized. Even just taking a few minutes to sort and arrange the objects in your closet so you can see or access everything easily can make a big difference.

  1. You’re wasting wall space. 

If you don’t have anything stored underneath your hanging clothing, adding a second clothing rod can be a great way to make the most of your closet. (Don’t do a full second bar, though: You probably want to leave some hanging space for longer clothing, like full-length dresses or longer coats. Or install a shorter towel bar or two for scarves or other hanging accessories to display.

Even little things, like getting everything off the floor of the closet, can help make the closet feel larger and more organized. (We’re looking at you, shoes! A shoe rack or shelf can help shoe storage feel more intentional.) And spaces that feel larger and more organized to you are certainly going to appeal to potential buyers.

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