When Silver Turns to Gold

We are excited to turn over our blog for periodic “Boldt Blurbs” which is where updates are found from each and every Double Boldt Team member!

We all love houses, and we all love talking about homes! Time for some shared wisdom, tips and tricks on anything found at home.

Let’s kick things off with Paul Raatz, our Transaction Coordinator:

As the saying goes… “everything old, is new again.”

With that mindset, may I reintroduce you to an old design trend: GOLD! Gold fixtures, gold hardware, gold decor, and much more. While we have seen silver dominate the color palette for years, gold saw a comeback a few years ago AND is sticking around.

And we could not be happier!  

You have to know that it’s not floor-to-ceiling gold walls and wallpaper like our childhood foyer or grandparents’ bathroom. Today’s gold fixtures are accessories with a polished or matte look. These are updated and modern yet traditional and timeless. From styles that lean more traditional to a ultra-modern contemporary appeal.

The next time you are looking for a new decorative piece to adorn or accentuate your space, shop in the GOLD family. Take a peak below for inspiration on updated gold lighting:

From left to right:

1. Apogee Ceiling Light from Shades of Light
2. Soho Sconce from Shades of Light
3. Urban Floral Ceiling Light from Shades of Light