How to Use Your Home Equity

We’ve seen rising home values over the last few years, which means you probably have noticed that your home value has gone up, which also increases your equity. In addition, as you’ve made mortgage payments, your home equity has grown.

So how can you leverage this valuable asset? Here are some ideas!

  • Make Home Improvements

You could use your home equity to reinvest back into your house. You could finish your basement, upgrade your kitchen, or improve your landscaping. Before taking on one of these projects, get in touch with my team – we can let you know whether or not the improvements you have in mind would add more value to your home.

  • Upgrade (or Downgrade) to a New Home

Do you need more (or less) space? Now could be a good time to sell your house and move into something that fits your current lifestyle. Your equity could be put towards a down payment on that new house!

  • Fund Something New

Your home equity doesn’t have to stay in real estate. You could tap into those extra resources to fund a personal financial goal, such as a dream vacation, new business, or college education.

Are you weighing your options when it comes to using your home equity? Get in touch with a member of my team today – we’d be happy to talk through your options!