We love so much about our local communities! From the bustling and vibrant community of Wauwatosa, the charming tree-lined streets of Elm Grove, to the convenience and comfort of Brookfield – our local communities surrounding Milwaukee truly have so much to love!

We are nothing without our small shops, without our neighbors, without our parks, and without our coffee walks filled with conversation with those around us. We wanted to take a moment to stop and appreciate some of the small things that make up one big loveable community that we are lucky to call home. Here is our list of just a few things we absolutely adore about our community:

  • How our locals affectionately refer to Wauwatosa as “Tosa”.
  • Leisurely walks with loved ones throughout Elm Grove.
  • The excitement of the shopping and entertainment of Brookefield.
  • The festivals of Milwaukee are a hop, skip, and jump from our towns.
  • Living in a corner of the world where we are lucky to enjoy each season!

Our team wants to encourage you to slow down and take the time to notice the little things in your community that make your nook of the world your special home. Each and every local community is filled with something special that is deserving to be shown a little extra love! No matter where you live, there truly is no place like home.

Grab a cup of coffee, throw on your coziest sweater, take a stroll, and enjoy an afternoon of taking note about what makes your community so special.