Winter Wines 2022

It’s that time of year! We are enjoying celebrations, reflections, and special times with friends and family. And we prefer to do ALL of this with wine! We also like to promote and drink wines that are small producers and family-owned. Here are a couple of wines that we have been enjoying. Will you pick one up before the end of the year?

Caraccioli Cellars 2015 Brut Cuvee approx. SRP $50
The Double Boldt Real Estate Team loves bubbles. This wine is one of our favorite drinks. It’s actually a new find and one that absolutely amazes us. Caraccioli Brut Cuvee 2015 vintage is golden in color, with minuscule bubbles coming from the core with a pronounced yet fine mousse. Nuanced fruit aromas including Macintosh apple, ripe apricot, and lemon zest with underpinning floral notes enhanced with rich vanilla, creamy lemon, and honeycomb. Taste it and you’ll experience a well-structured mouth feel that delivers tastes of citrus and stone fruit, finishing with a soft, creamy, well-integrated, and lingering acidity.


Brick & Mortar Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley California approx. SRP $25
Anderson Valley is one of the great, unheralded growing regions in CA. It doesn’t have the traction of Napa or Sonoma because of its distance from San Francisco, but It’s a region that is down-to-earth yet sophisticated. We find it to be accessible yet refined, as well as unpretentious and authentic. This defines the style of the wine as well! It truly is one of our favorite places to visit on the planet. And this Brick & Mortar Pinot Noir is everything pinot noir should be. You’ll find that it’s light and flavorful, with a beautiful mouthfeel. This is a wine of balance and elegance. At this price, it’s hard to find a better wine for a party or a simple dinner.



Both of these wines can be found at Rays Wine & Spirits in Wauwatosa or at your favorite retailer.