With today’s available technology, home efficiencies are easily accessible AND the convenience is unbeatable. Check out a few ways we are getting smarter at home!

Smart Home Devices:

Smart Home Thermostat: Smart thermostats will help to automate climate control with the click of a button. No more fussing or guesswork with outdated thermostats! Easily set schedules, various modes for automated temperature control, save energy, control your heating and cooling when away from home, lock temperature settings for different rooms, and more! Cost: Starts at $130

Smart Home Humidifier: Smart humidifiers measure the humidity levels of the home to maintain ideal humidity levels. The system shuts off automatically when the desired humidity levels are reached. During a long dry winter in the Midwest, you and your family may benefit from the health benefits of a humidifier!Cost: Starts at $60

Smart Vacuum: Setting a smart vacuum in your home means less manual cleaning for you! These smart devices will run at your set schedules and will map your home to vacuum every nook and cranny. Kick your feet up and let the cleaning come to you! Cost: Starts at $180

Smart AC Controller: If you own a ductless air conditioner, then a smart AC controller is a must-have smart device. Smart AC controllers allow you to control your AC from anywhere, by simply using your smartphone! Cost: Starts at $68

Smart Light Bulbs: By putting smart light bulbs throughout your home, all of your home’s light bulbs can be controlled by one light switch – your phone. Turn on and off lights when you’re away from home, or simply when you are on your couch and are too comfy to get up! This convenience will save you energy throughout your home. Cost: Starts at $10 a bulb

Smart Space Heater: During a cold Wisconsin winter, we can all use a little extra heat. Smart space heaters are easily portable and can be set on a timer in any room to add a boost of heat and coziness – with a smart timer you won’t need to worry about turning the system off, it will do the work for you! Cost: Starts at $130

Smart Doorbells: These smart devices give you an added layer of security at your home by videoing and recording who comes to your door. Even when you’re away from home, you’ll know who is at your door and when! Cost: Starts at $60

Smart Blinds: From your phone, you can set automatic schedules for your blinds to open and close. Open your blinds and let sunlight flood your home without having to step foot out of bed! Cost: Starts at $170

Smart Air Purifier: Air purifiers protect you from airborne particles and chemicals by removing dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and dander from the air – pushing back clean air into the home. This smart device will constantly track the air quality in your home to adjust the fan speed accordingly and keep your air pure. Cost: Starts at $170

Our Double Boldt Real Estate team believes that YOU deserve peace of mind at home. By making small investments in smart home devices, we believe your everyday living becomes more efficient. Welcome to the future of home efficiency!